Why Choose American Standard Bathtubs?

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Bathtub company and Manufacturer of designer whirlpool baths, steam baths, sauna, hot tubs, showers. Also distributor for various brands in India.

For years American Standard Oval Bathtubs have been used by millions of people worldwide. There are some very good reasons for this and here are some key points.


American Standard Modern Oval Bathtubs are the most popular bathtubs in America. They have been produced since the 1800s. In 1883, American Standard perfected the enameling of cast iron tubs which made it far easier to clean.


The company innovated and created the first built-in bathtub in the early 20th century. Then in 1987, they introduced their Americast material which provided a lightweight alternative to cast iron.


Americast bathtubs are produced by pressing the tub from an alloy that has a very glossy porcelain finish applied to it. This material has been shown to help keep bath water hotter longer since the heat is reflected into the water and not through the material.


American Standard produces many different styles, colors, and types of tubs. The prices can vary from $250 to over $1,500 each. There are round tubs, oval tubs, and the traditional rectangular style. And you can purchase the tubs in a wide variety of colors to suit your style.


A recent sampling of some of the types of tubs that American Standard produces include the following:


If you're interested in a cost-effective solution, the standard collection bathtub features a basic soaking bathtub made of acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. Most of these tubs cost less than $500 each.


At a cost of around $800, the Town Square bathtub features a more angular and modern look. It is constructed of acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. It is designed for two people and has a dual backrest as well as dual molded-in armrests. There are also extra components you can purchase to turn this tub into a whirlpool.


If you are interested in a corner-style bathtub, be sure to check out Woven Gold India. Both of these tubs sell for under $1,000 each. There are very good reasons why American Standard Modern Oval Bathtub has been around for so long and has been so popular. Check out the many styles and price points and see for yourself.

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