Which is the best store in America to load my Cash App card?

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Yes, you are able to load your fund to Cash App Card at Walmart. For this purpose, you just have to approach the cashier in the bank and share Cash App ID detail. Pay the cashier your desired amount in cash which you want to load in Cash App Card.

If you want to load money to the Cash App card, you have two options. The one is to link the Cash App card to the bank account and visit any departmental store. Yes, you can add put money in your cash app card at Dollar General, 7-Eleven stores, Walmart, and CVS. For this, you will have to go to any one of these stores, and there go to the cash counter and tell that you want to put money in the Cash App. 


And if you are looking for the best store in America to load the Cash App card, we recommend you CVS. The CVS is the best option for adding money to the Cash App card. You can visit any CVS store near your place and get your card loader. Before proceeding, you need to make sure that you have an activated Cash App card and added a valid bank account to your Cash App account. 


  • Visit your local CVS store, and depending on where you stay in the US, you should be able to locate a CVS store near you quickly. 
  • Here you have to tell the cashier that you want to add money to your Cash App Card
  • If this is your first time trying to load your Cash App debit card at CVS, you must seek the cashier's assistance you are speaking to or dealing with.
  • At the CVS store you visit and the amount of money you want to load up, you may have to small fee when loading the Cash App card.


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